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A Mosaic of Wings – Kimberly Duffy

A Mosaic of Wings is the debut novel of Kimberly Duffy, and I just felt it calling me… ok ok, the stunning cover and synopsis might have caused the calling, and I’m really glad I got to read it as it didn’t disappoint! In fact, with a debut like this I feel quite sure Kimberly Duffy will soon be counted amongst the names of the most popular Christian fiction authors. So, in short: I loved it! 

Nora doesn’t have it easy: being a woman in the scientific field of entomology (insects) is quite unheard of. She has used the money her father left her to pursue an education, but the money is gone now, and she really wants to get a masters degree and fulfill the dream her father has for her: running a scientific paper. But the only way to do this is to get a scholarship, but there is another contender, Owen, and joining his trip to India to hopefully discover a new species might be the only way she can get the advantage… but to do that she needs to prove herself again and again to the scientists who only see her as a woman… 

I love how sure Nora was of her own worth, that can’t have been easy at the time, and I can’t help but love her father who imprinted this in her. Nora is head strong, stubborn, quick to speak and act, loving, intelligent and above all: enthousiastic about everything! Her love for nature jumps from the page and her excitement for new discoveries is catching! And yes, sometimes it gets her into trouble too, very cringeworthy trouble lol! And Owen, a golden boy who seems to get everything he wants in life with no effort, but not all is as it seems… I love their budding friendship and how he takes her seriously as a scientist but also tries to get her to open up and shed her mask. They both have their past and their ideas for the future, and they were both well rounded characters. Also, I love it how Nora keeps telling everyone she dislikes adventures, often right in the middle of an adventure, and no one believes her for even a second! 

The side characters are also very noteworthy! I think everyone who reads this book will love Sita instantly, the niece of the cook, who makes art out of anything she can find. The friendship between Nora and Sita is very sweet. 

What I didn’t expect to love was India but I did! Sure, another country is always fun to read about, but in this book you get emerged in the culture, the food, nature and people! And it was awesome and I really wish I could taste some of those foods. It really felt I was traveling across the world with Nora. 

The ending kept me guessing and was a little bittersweet but also everything I wanted. There is a lot of emotional depth and I wish I could say more but that would be spoilery.

All in all, I can really recommend A Mosaic of Wings, I really loved it! 

I received an e-copy from Bethany House through Netgalley for which I am really grateful but it hasn’t influenced my opinions. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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