The Prince of Spies (Hope & Glory 3) – Elizabeth Camden

The Prince of Spies by Elizabeth Camden is the third and last book in the Hope and Glory series. I do recommend reading the earlier books in this series, as Luke, the main character, has been in them quite often. I suppose it gets covered in short in the book itself, but you’ll miss a lot by skipping the first two books, especially as all previous characters play a role in this one too, yay!

Also, this cover! It’s so stunning and I can’t get over the fact that when you lay all three books in a row they form a matching image! That’s reason 2 to read the entire series by the way.

Ok, about the book itself now. We have Luke, charming, intense, sensitive, kind and fun, who throws himself into situations without thinking. I was a bit reluctant as I love more introverted nerdy men and I definitely got that with the first two books, but I have to admit I loved him! Luke is a rounded, layered, very interesting character and I’m here for it. His funny remarks make me giggle and I can’t help but fall in love with his easy way, and feel for him when his traumatic past hits him. I would have liked to see more of his PTSD though, that was the only aspect that didn’t feel genuine to me, you mostly only see what’s on the outside, not the inner world to go with it. But that’s a minor detail and basically the only thing in this book I didn’t like. Because it is AMAZING. We get a dual POV between Luke and Marianne, which works perfect. Their forbidden romance is truly a work of art, and I loved every minute. It has a bit enemies to lovers in it, which was my favorite part. Marianne works at the photography department and her job is to photograph buildings mostly, or anything that can be used, and she does it splendidly. Her character is amazing too, how she stays upright in a difficult family situation, and how she copes with everything, trying to be honest at all times.

But of course this wouldn’t be an Elizabeth Camden novel if there weren’t many other plots going. We continue the plot set in book 1 about toxic food additives, though it’s taken to another level. I always marvel at how amazing Camden can make something that sounds really boring and makes it into the most exciting thing ever, with lots of details of niche history. Applause! And there was this ball thrown by Caroline I really really want to attent, it was so imaginative… basically I just loved the entire book. There were many unexpected plots and turns and I kept guessing how it would all end. And I loved to see how Luke, a fairly new Christian, is growing in faith, and helps Marianne to discover it, too. They fit so well together! And I love them!

All in all, I loved it. Obviously. This entire series has a place in my favorites and I wish there were like 8 siblings. But all good things must come to an end…

And with that, my review ends too, but not before one last thing, as I have to mention a trigger warning. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know, because it’s a mild spoiler.

There is one situation concerning animal cruelty that left me crying.

Rating: 5 out of 5.